The Fool tarot and Justice tarot card meaning

The Fool tarot and Justice tarot card meaning

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Often depicted in wearing motley clothes and a carefree grin, the Fool tarot card is also sometimes accompanied by a pet dog. Numbered as ‘0’, the Fool leads the dance of the Major Arcana and is a card of infinite possibilities.

This card often signifies folly and immaturity. But there is also fun, frivolity and levity here, as would befit a Fool. The Fool tarot card can also indicate a lack of discipline or being infatuated and ‘crazy’ about something. discretion has never been one of the fool’s qualities, so unrestrained excess and wild expenditure can also be indicated.

the-fool-tarot-cardThe Fool can also mean a new beginning and starting from scratch. He brings renewal, movement, and the energy of a fresh start. When the Fool appears, you should not be sad or frustrated by having to start over. Instead take a leaf from his book and feel free, light hearted and refreshed, because you have a second chance. Even if you have no idea where you are going or what you are going to do, simply enjoy the journey and delight in it.

Reversed Meaning Of The Fool Tarot Card
When this card falls reversed it can mean that you may be taking a foolhardy path or heading in the wrong direction. Because the card also indicates a new beginning it can also mean that you have halted in your life’s progress. And because the Fool is full of energy, a reversed card can mean apathy or foolish negligence.

Beware of being overly optimistic or naive when the Fool appears reversed. Focus on your goals and do not waste time lost in flights of fancy. However exciting new beginnings may be, you should still watch your step.image0018

Justice tarot card meaning – The meaning of the Justice tarot card
Balance is everything with the Justice tarot card. Look at your emotional, physical, social and spiritual needs and seek what you need to balance them out. This card indicates that balance will come to your life anyway – but it might not be what you want, simply what you need. So if things seem to be going a little off track, understand that Justice may be balancing the scales.justice

The Justice tarot card is not about right or wrong or good and bad. It is simply about adjustment. There is no appeal to the emotions here, just a weighing up of facts and boiling things down to their most critical elements so they can be measured.
Sometimes this card can indicate that you must become like Justice – cool headed and rational. There may be a need for you to look at an issue without emotion and make a decision based on what you need, not what you want. On a mundane level it can also indicate involvement with the courts or legal influence.

Reversed Meaning Of The Justice Tarot Card When Justice is reversed, it can indicate falsehood and unfairness. Intolerance or inequality may rear their ugly head and cross your path and you may be their victim, or even their cause. Violence, or an unwillingness to abide by the law may also be indicated in your situation. There may be a lack of balance in your life and you are unwilling to face up to this. Evaluate your current life situation with perspective and remember to be like the Justice tarot card and do so without emotion, but with the sword of intellect.

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